My HONEST College Advice For Computer Science Majors // as a senior computer science student

My HONEST College Advice For Computer Science Majors // as a senior computer science student

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Computer science majors if you DO NOT want to fail, watch the video and read the description: computer science is hard. It's the truth. But luckily, I am here to let you all know how to make it through the computer science major and succeed as a comp sci student no matter your college grade level. I will be getting my computer science degree next semester (Spring 2022), and after 3 years of computer science, I have VERY HELPFUL advice to give you all. Enjoy!

day in life of computer science major:

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00:20 - Lesson #1
01:51 - Lesson #2
03:39 - Lesson #3
05:03 - Lesson #4
06:33 - Lesson #5
07:56 - Lesson #6

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About Me:
My name is Ritesh Kumar Verma and my goal is to bring you all the best content that can help you all become more productive, smart, and capable individuals. I am currently a student at the University of Maryland, College Park studying Computer Science. I pursue many different types of ventures, so join me on this venturing and let's become the best version of ourselves!

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