R.I.P. Macbook Air | Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Pro Review (14-Inch)

R.I.P. Macbook Air | Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Pro Review (14-Inch)

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Reviewing Samsung's Galaxy Book 4 Pro, a 14-inch Intel Core Ultra 7 laptop and one of the best 2024 releases if you want a balance of portability and power. I've been testing the gaming chops, video editing skills and battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Pro this past week and it's easily a Macbook Air alternative. Here's my verdict, and check out my other laptop reviews for other options.

Frequent travellers who need a capable laptop for creative tasks should be happy with that Core Ultra 7 performance. Photo editing is a breeze and video editing was also smooth, as long as you don't want to combine two or more 4K videos into a single stream. The Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Pro also boasts upgraded battery life vs the 3 Pro from last year.

Besides that, this is an incremental update for sure. The Dynamic AMOLED screen is another stunner and Samsung's stereo speaker setup is respectable for enjoying videos or games. Speaking of games, you can blaze through the likes of Resident Evil 3 and Forza Horizons at the 2880x1800 resolution with a smooth frame rate on the Galaxy Book 4 Pro. Although I had to scale back the RE3 graphics a little to keep things fluid at all times.

So are you tempted by the 14-inch Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Pro laptop, fresh for 2024? Let us know your thoughts on this vs the Macbook Air below!

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Pro Review Chapters:
0:00 - An intro type situation
0:37 - Design
1:46 - Ports
2:10 - Fingerprint sensor
2:40 - Keyboard
3:28 - Display
5:29 - Audio
6:22 - Camera
7:25 - Performance & benchmark
8:36 - Gaming
10:21 - Video & photo editing
11:16 - Battery life
12:04 - Verdict