Raw Talks with @SCALER Vice President Srikanth Varma | ML & AI | Telugu Podcast -26

Raw Talks with @SCALER Vice President Srikanth Varma | ML & AI | Telugu Podcast -26

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Join us in this podcast as we chat with Srikanth Varma Chekuri, Senior Vice President, Data Vertical at Scaler. He has shared his incredible journey from a Tier-3 college to becoming a Co-founder, and now, a mentor at Scaler.

Hop on for a thrilling ride as we engage in an unfiltered conversation with Srikanth. We'll be delving into the future of IT, the landscape of Indian Tech education, and why Data Science holds the key to the future - it's not just a buzzword; it's the next big thing.

Scaler Data Science is a tailor-made program to Master the foundations of Data Science and Machine Learning and takes your career to the next level! With veterans like Srikanth on board, you'll grasp the practical essence of handling real-world, untamed data.

Tune in for an episode brimming with information, featuring India's very own Andrew NG. Get ready to unravel the captivating world of Data Science and gather insights that will leave you thrilled and enlightened. Don't miss out!

0:00 - Introduction
2:26 - What is wrong with indian engineering student's ?
6:28 - Example of data science through real time cases
13:19 - Diff btw AI, Machine learning & Data science
20:14 - What is Chat-gpt? & How a 5year old kid to 60year old person can use it?
29:06 - What is genrative AI?
33.36 - Now computer is able understand human language, Will Coding have future??
41:10 - Advise for the people who are starting today!!!!
43:55 - Why people who are afraid of Maths are afraid of Coding as well?
49:36 - How can a NON-TECH Person learn Artificial Intelligence??
1:03:23 - Why India has less than 2% efficient coders??
1:09:56 - About his previous Starups and Present Journey with Scaler
1:13:56 - What does Scaler Do???
1:20:36 - Difference between Data Scientist / Data Engineer/ Data Analyst??
1:30:35 - Can India build Global Products like Chat GPT??
1:40:08 - What is Silicon Valley??
1:45:11 - Srikanth's reacts on Elon Musk Video about AI being dangerous than Nuclear War Heads
1:51:55 - Learnings and Take Aways??

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