Top AI courses that you can take for free

Top AI courses that you can take for free

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9 December, 2023
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Al will not replace people but people who can use Al will replace those who cannot!💡

No matter who you are, you need to understand Al if you want to succeed in your field🤖

Here are top Al courses by Harvard and Stanford that you can take for FREE today:

1️⃣Stanford - Andrew Ng's Al for Everyone - Ng is the BIGGEST name in Al and so many of my clients have taken his courses on Coursera -

2️⃣Harvard - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python on edX- -artificial-intelligence-with-python

3️⃣Stanford - NLP with Deep Learning on YouTube - PLOROMvodv4rOSH4v6133s9LFPRHjEmbmJ

4️⃣Harvard - Data Science & Machine Learning on edX (great for hands on learning) - -learning

5️⃣Stanford - Andrew Ng's Deep Learning course archive on YouTube - PLOROMvodv4r0ABXSygHTsbvUz4G_YQhOb

So, what are you waiting for? Start learning and building next gen Al tools!

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