Google Pixel 8a | 100 Hours Review vs 7a

Google Pixel 8a | 100 Hours Review vs 7a

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Unboxing Google's Pixel 8a, with an early review of the camera tech, gaming prowess, battery life etc vs last year's 7a smartphone. The Pixel 8a is no longer a budget hero, costing from £499 in the UK, but is it still a worthy purchase? Or should you save cash and grab the 7a instead? Here's how they compare and stay tuned for a full review!

So, as far as camera hardware goes, the Pixel 8a is almost identical vs the older 7a. However you will notice some differences, including an upgraded Night Sight mode and those AI editing tools. Gaming is more enjoyable on the Pixel 8a too, thanks to that more capable Tensor G3 chipset. Genshin Impact plays more nicely on the highest graphics settings compared with the 7a.

Google's fresh 2024 mid-ranger seems solid in most other areas too. The Pixel 8a's battery life is good enough to see you through a full, long day, although that charging speed hasn't improved over the 7a at all. You've got the same great Android 14 features, now with even longer software support. However, the Pixel 8a also adds in some bonus AI tools that you still don't get with the older phone.

So are you more tempted by the new mid-range smartphone, or are you going to save some cash with the Pixel 7a instead? Let us know your thoughts below!

Pixel 8a Review vs 7a Chapters:
0:00 - Blather
0:51 - Unboxing
1:12 - Design
3:41 - Android 14 & features
5:51 - Display & audio
7:58 - Performance & gaming
9:06 - Battery life
10:07 - Cameras
12:49 - Byyyeeeeee