5 Best Medical, Healthcare Accessories, Gadget for iPhone/Smartphone

5 Best Medical, Healthcare Accessories, Gadget for iPhone/Smartphone

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Apple is edging its way a little further into health care with the release of new iPhone apps that patients can use. Health care professionals now use smartphone or tablet computers for ... that the iPhone and Android smartphones offer, ownership of mobile devices has 5 Best Medical, Healthcare Accessories, Gadget for iPhone/Smartphone.
AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG for Apple and Android devices - http://amzn.to/2gm8XBZ ,

Withings Aura - Smart Sleep System - http://amzn.to/2wVIgPk ,

Welch Allyn 11840-A6 Iexaminer Adapter for iPhone6 and 6S Cameras - http://amzn.to/2wVscNu

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Top 5 Best iPhone/Smartphone Medical, Health & Fitness Accessories & Gadget

At sunrise, your night's data has already been synced, analyzed and turned into a graph showcasing the stages of each of your sleep cycles - light, deep and REM - and key sleep quality indicators (duration of sleep, time it took to fall asleep, number of wake-ups), available in the app.

Use this information as an opportunity to precisely assess your sleep, discover what wakes you up, compare nights, and get insights to improve your sleep quality.

Scanadu Scout

A scanner packed with sensors designed to read your vital signs and send them wirelessly to your smartphone in a few seconds, any time, anywhere.
The Scanadu Scout™ has not been cleared or approved by FDA. The following content is Scanadu's vision of the final design that will be subject to FDA clearance prior to marketing. As a contributor to this Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, you are supporting Scanadu’s intent to develop the first Medical Tricorder®.

Dario Smart Diabetes Management Solution-

Smart Glucose Meter
The Dario Smart Meter lets you test blood glucose levels in seconds, directly on your smartphone. Once connected to your mobile device, easily track, monitor and manage diabetes with a simple to use mobile app – when you need it, where you need it!

Dario is a personalized, pocket-sized, all-in-one glucose meter coupled with a robust real time mobile app to manage diabetes quickly, efficiently and accurately

The Dario mobile app delivers accurate results in real-time and actionable insights so you always know where you stand and what to do next. Track your blood glucose levels, carb intake, exercise and much more!

iExaminar Welch allyn

The Welch Allyn iExaminer System

PanOptic™ Ophthalmoscope + iExaminer Adapter + iExaminer App
The new Welch Allyn iExaminer turns the PanOptic Ophthalmoscope into a mobile digital imaging device allowing you to view and take pictures of the eye like you've never done before.