Google Pixel 8a vs 8 vs Pro | Camera, Gaming, Battery & Beyond!

Google Pixel 8a vs 8 vs Pro | Camera, Gaming, Battery & Beyond!

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Comparing Google's Pixel 8a, Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, to see which of these Android smartphones is best for you. I've tested the camera capabilities, gaming performance, battery life and everyday experience of the fresh Pixel 8a as well as the Pixel 8 and that expensive Pro phone. So here's my comparison and check out my reviews for the full skinny on each Google blower!

Starting with the cameras, the Pixel 8 Pro is clearly the greatest choice here. That telephoto zoom lens is an excellent addition, while you also get bonus modes like 50MP shooting and RAW capture, plus Video Boost. Still, even the Pixel 8a can grab great looking photos in most conditions, plus respectable 4K resolution video.

Google's AI features are stuffed onto all three phones, offering the likes of Circle To Search and live translation. And the Pixel 8a, 8 and 8 Pro are all powered by that Tensor G3. This can handle gaming on Genshin Impact even on the highest settings, although not quite as smoothly as that Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

Battery life is good no matter which Google Pixel smartphone you choose. However, the Pixel 8a certainly charges more slowly vs the 8 and Pro!

Pixel 8a vs 8 vs 8 Pro Review Chapters:
0:00 - Three-way action
0:51 - Design
3:59 - Android 14 & features
5:28 - AI tools
6:25 - Display & audio
8:51 - Performance & gaming
9:59 - Battery life
11:42 - Cameras
16:30 - Photo & video editing
17:09 - Verdict